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The 2nd Dr. Philip Jaisohn Creative Writing Contest

The National Association for Korean Schools (NAKS) and Philip Jaisohn Memorial Foundation (PJMF) will hold the 2nd Dr. Philip Jaisohn creative writing contest to honor Dr. Philip Jaisohn (1864-1951). He was the first Korean American M.D., who fought for Korean independence during the Japanese occupation and left an indelible mark on Korean history as a pioneer and reformer. We hope the award will help our future Korean American generations learn Dr. Philip Jaisohn’s achievement and spirit and become leaders for communities and nations. Please encourage participation from students who attend Korean Schools.

Who can apply: Grade 3-12 students currently attending Middle West NAKS Korean schools

(Except for the students who attended school in Korean longer than 2 year or who have previously won the award.)

Application form deadline: Mar. 15, 2021

Creative writing submission deadline: May. 24, 2021

Where to submit:

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