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To Heal & Restore Korean Businesses

On Thursday, July 23, 2020, the Korean American Association of Minnesota (KAAM) had a meeting to deliver the donations for the “To Heal and Restore Korean Businesses” fundraising campaign. The death of George Floyd by police led to the unprecedented protests and riots in Minnesota and destroyed many businesses. KAAM organized a fundraising campaign for Korean businesses burnt out or looted. The fundraising goal was exceeded thanks to the historic support from the Korean community in Minnesota. Funds raised were delivered to the six Korean business owners affected. Representatives of KAAM and donors attended and extended their encouragement to the victims. The recipients expressed their gratitude for the heartfelt support of the Korean society in Minnesota.

KAAM prepared the place following the safety measures advised by State officials regarding Covid 19. Wearing masks, hand sanitizing, measuring body temperature and social distancing were practiced during the meeting.

After the boxed lunch, participants who suffered from the damage shared the stories about their heartbreaking experiences and plans for recovery. Some owners were underinsured. Some had been struggling to deal with the tremendous clean up cost. Many people offered their help to clean up the stores so they could be reopened. The courage and determination of the business owners to move forward were inspirational to those who attended.

This unforgettable event could not have been possible without the generous support and encouragement of those who expressed their compassion for Korean business owners who encountered the most severe adversity of their lifetime.

A list of participants:

Affected Korean businesses: Dae Sik Ahn, Dong Sun Suh & Soo Hee Yoo, Kyung-Shik Park, Won Kim, Hyunguk Park, Jinyoung Im

Korean American Association of Minnesota: President Hyosook Hwang, Chairman of the Board of Directors Cheong Soo Hwang & Gyeong Hi Hwang, Chairman of KAAM Building Committee Sehyun Nam, Vice President Julian Gim, Director of the Board Jaeson S. Kim, President of Ewha Women’s University Alumni Association of Minnesota Jungun Kim, Executive Director Hannah Kim

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